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E30 knuckle adapter ( lock kit )

E30 knuckle adapter ( lock kit )

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4 hole knuckle adapter is a bolt on solution for the e30 chassis. Developed for a wide range of setups.

Low cost, high performance, competiton proven but also streetable.


30mm track width extension per side
20mm rollcenter correction
Ackermann curve improvement
Up to 60° angle!

***use rack travel limiters to avoid sliding tires on chassis due to big angle*** 



- Uses oem tierods
- Can be combined with e30, e46 or custom LCA's(custom LCA's might require e90 inner tie rods)
- Can be run with or without a front sway bar.
- 15inch wheels fit!
- e36 steering rack recomended.

Recommended use of eccentric lolipop bushings for cabin side wheel well clearance.

Camber plates required with longer than oem LCA's.


Suggested tire sizes:

- 195/50r15 205/45r16 205/40r17 215/40r17 for lowered rideheigth

Suggested wheelsizes:

15,16,17inch et 30 or lower.

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