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E36 & E46 heavy duty rubber transmission mounts

E36 & E46 heavy duty rubber transmission mounts

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Heavy duty transmission mounts for e36 and e46.

Solid rubber design keeps transmission in place under heavy loads, improving driveline response and shifting precision.
Stiffer rubber compound makes them superior to original items, while providing low level of NVH making them usable in a dailydriver application.

Competition proven, long lasting, roadfriendly, can also be used in misc. applications such as v8 swaps an similar.


Replacement for m50/52/54 engined cars ( regardless if ZF or Getrag trans. )
Solid rubber design, 75shA
35mm tall
longer than original studs
Suitable for everyday use

Sold in pairs OR sets.

Note: Some transmission crossmembers might need slight grinding to fit.

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