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Bmw clutch disc

Bmw clutch disc

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Track duty clutch disc for bmw gearboxes.
Developed to fulfill the demand for simple yet drurable clutch disc option on frequently tracked and track purpose cars.
Low cost, high load capacity!
The most popular choice for drifting because sintered pucks withstand high temperatures, making the disc clutch-kick friendly.

This is your last stop, before going for a multi-plate clutch!
Known to last multiple seasons on bmw 2.5 and 2.8 liter powered cars.
Capable of handling intermediate v8 power(bmw m60,m62,n62)
Or 400hp/400Nm track abuse and 800N/m street use with sachs performance pressure plate.


High load and heat capacity
240mm diametere
23x29-10N splines(10 teeth)
5 sintered pucks per side
Renewable with new pucks

Bmw 5 speed gearboxes on e36 and e46 petrol powered cars(ZF and Getrag)
Bmw 5 speed gearboxes on e36 td and tds diesel models

To be combined with pressure plates:

Bmw 21211223679 (standard pressure plate for m52b28 engines)

or stronger alternatives such as:

ZF Sachs performance 883082001243

or alternatively with

Bmw 21217526588 (bmw e46 self adjusting pressure plate, not the best option as it might compromise pedal feel with repeated clutch kicks)


Note: Recommended use with single-mass flywheels. Dual-mass flywheels work. but to get the most out of this agressive clutch disc use it with a single mass flywheel.

Contact me directly for clutch disc renewal.

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